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Executive Producer: Michael J. Weithorn
Award-winning writer-producer Michael J. Weithorn co-created and served as Executive Producer on the hit CBS show “The King of Queens” from 1998–2007. Prior to that, Weithorn created and executive produced the Fox sitcom “Ned & Stacey.”
Weithorn’s freelance writing credits include multiple sketches for The Tracey Ullman Show, an episode of “The Wonder Years” (for which he earned an Emmy nomination in 1989) and an episode of “Cheers” (for which he won the 1984 Writers Guild of America Award).
Weithorn spent four years writing and producing the hit NBC series “Family Ties.” He received three Emmy Award nominations for producing and another Emmy nomination for writing the two-part 1985-86 season premiere, “The Real Thing.”
More recently, Weithorn wrote and directed the indie feature “A Little Help” starring Jenna Fischer, Chris O’Donnell, and Leslie Ann Warren, released theatrically in 2011.
In the 2014-15 season, Weithorn created and executive produced the Fox comedy series “Weird Loners.”

Director, Co-Producer: Heather Quinlan
In 2005, Heather founded Canvasback Kid Productions to specialize in telling New York stories from all around the five boroughs. Her first feature-length documentary, “If These Knishes Could Talk: The Story of the New York Accent,” premiered to critical acclaim. The New York Times called it “a tribute to what New York sounded like,” and the Wall Street Journal called it “a perfect New York Story.” Canvasback recently debuted “Spoke: A Short Film About Bikes” which tackles the issue of CitiBikes and the emerging bike culture within the Big Apple.
Heather was born in the Bronx, has lived in all five boroughs, and her favorite Met growing up was Sid Fernandez.

Co-Producer: Eric Newman
Eric Newman is a video producer, director and content creator who has a wealth of experience working in basketball, media, and production. A life-long sports and film nut, Newman has combined his passions and grown a unique career working with the likes of Nike, Five-Star Basketball, Bleacher Report, Showtime Sports, Forbes, Spring Hill Productions and more. In 2015 he co-launched Winner’s Circle Media, a network of digital podcasts curated by industry leaders in sport, fashion, music, and culture. In 2015 he completed his first feature doc “WAH-NEE PRIDE,” co-produced “The Legend of Swee Pea” and worked with Showtime Sports on short form content for the Allen Iverson, Tony Gonzalez, and Victor Cruz documentaries. As a life-long coach, Celtics die hard and 70’s cinema fan Eric brings a unique lens and opinion when it comes to content creation and development.

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